Afton TV

Afton TV is an extension of the Afton Tickets system, adding the ability for clients to sell PPV "broadcast tickets" for customers anywhere in the world to watch the HD live stream event video.

I oversaw the entire development process, of both the Web delivery platform and the hardware and logisitcs for our in-house live video productions.

My Role as PM and BSA

My role as product manager (acting also as business systems analyst) during initial and on-going development of the Afton TV layer of the Afton Tickets product was to conceive of features, prune the list of possible features, and document the full required functionality of the system — across various Web components, third-party hardware/software for video encoding, and selecting/integrating a video live streaming CDN.

Additionally, I enabled the first events that were broadcasted on the system by builing an equipment list and set of best practices for doing high quality (yet low cost) live event video production.

I wrote no production code, nor front end markup for UI.

Development Areas

  • Websites
    • Integration with third-party video streaming CDN
    • Integration with existing e-commerce system
    • Internationalized customer checkout process (since viewers could be in any country, whereas previously we'd only sold tickets to customers attending events in the U.S.)
    • Integration with existing Client CMS for event data
    • Homepage for brand/platform and product page used for each broadcast
  • Live video production
    • Selection, aquisition, and integration of all A/V hardware
    • Recruited, selected, trained, and managed all production crew
    • Owned and managed A/V signal chain, local video capture, and encode/transmission of live stream to CDN
  • Video editing and Web-based marketing
    • Edited promotional video announcing upcoming broadcast
    • Edited various highlight/sizzle reels after the events
    • Created a marketing campaign that allowed local artists (sometimes called "new talent") to earn a chance to be an "opening act" on a live broadcast of international pop/EDM star Basshunter's PPV broadcast, by promoting the broadcast via word-of-mouth and on their social media accounts — more than trippling our paying audience for the live PPV broadcast!
  • Transactional Emails
  • Inventory management and security for PPV broadcast tickets (unique link that will only allow one device to view at a time)

PM and BSA Work Sample Documents

Here are links to PDF prints of full written specs for various pieces of the Web component of this system, along with the correlated wireframes, mockups, document design templates, and supporting documentation. The following requirement docs were posted to a Basecamp project as the system was being designed and developed:

Here are some samples of the types of mockups and documents I used in the above-linked PDFs to suplement my written requirements specs.

Marketing and Highlight Videos

With the help of the artist and his management (to provide me with the talking-head shots of the artist delivering the content I wrote), I was able to cut together this trailer to help customers understand what they would actually be getting when they purchased a PPV broadcast ticket. This was done prior to the event, so it had to be created without having any actual footage shot of the artist by our crew.

This next video was cut together the morning after the Basshunter event, to promote the fact that the PPV could still be purchased and viewed on-demand for the rest of that weekend.

The weak spot on the production of the Basshunter event broadcast was that the promoter hadn't brought in sufficient stage lighting for the shoot (dispite my repeated request). The image was just too dark, in many cases where we were shooting the performer. We formalized a policy the Monday following this event that our office would contract the lighting rental and hiring of the Lighting Director for any future events where we were overseeing broadcast production).

This video was cut together following the event that served as our first public beta rollout of the Afton TV brand and platform. It was used to illustrate to other promoters, venues, artist managers, and agents the level of audio and video production quality possible for our events.

This was the first event we ran production on where I was really happy with the image quality, but the direction and camera work left a lot to be desired. This was entirely my failing. Before the next event, I put together a Wi-Fi based "tally lights" system to allow every camera operator to see when the status of their shot was Off, Preview, or Program — which allows them to shoot more confidently without having quick cuts called verbally over the radio communication system. Also, I studied past event video as well as this event's video and was much happier with my work as Technical Director on all future productions.