I have lead and problem-solved in nearly every common business function, over the last ten years. My experience in business, natrual empathy, and honed interpersonal communication skills allow me to quickly understand priorities of business leaders and discover insights that support current and potential strategies.

My business acumen is also very beneficial in building credibility with all stakeholders, properly setting and managing their expectations during the development lifecycle, and helping them interpret technical details to make them useful and actionable.

I co-founded AFTON, LLC in 2004 and shared chief executive duties with my co-founder for the last ten years. Among other various duties, I served in the following primary role.

Ten Years as Operations Manager

  • Designed and launched a key marketing initiative, tripling client referrals from existing clients
  • Ran inside sales and business development program, which made partner deals with 140+ music venues in three years
  • Moved locations four times, to accommodate company growth
  • Developed and ran Human Resources for full-time local office
  • Grew part-time event staff to 100+ during expansion to 45+ major US markets
  • Lowered staffing costs by up to 50% in most markets
  • Negotiated trademark dispute (settled without damages, prior to filing of a formal suit)
  • Oversaw legal matters, including filing and reporting, trademark research (leading up to selection of new name and TM filing)
  • Implemented complete corporate rebranding and successful trademark filing
  • Developed policies and workflows for contracts and on-boarding of partner venues
  • Ran all major contract negotiations, including leases/insurance
  • Developed and oversaw management of receivables, payables, and day-to-day bookkeeping
  • Approved selection of all vendors and oversaw vendor relations
  • Oversaw corporate maintenance and governance
  • Oversaw general office administration
  • Oversaw local licensing and compliance issues
  • Selected/purchased all hardware and software (including SaaS) for office of up to 11 staff