Back Office Features (MyAfton)

I recently oversaw the development of a new back office feature in the MyAfton and Afton Shows system — allowing Afton's office staff to send batches of e-checks to artists after they've performed at an event, rather than manually entering/printing/stuffing/stamping/mailing paper checks via USPS.

This is a huge upgrade for our staff, who don't enjoy doing all the steps involved in mailing paper checks. It brings significant cost savings to our bottom line, per check (about 700 checks are sent per month). And it reduces complaints from artists waiting on a check to arrive in the mail, because they get their check within seconds of us sending it to their email.

My Role as Busainess Systems Analyst

My role as BSA was to represent the needs of the stakeholders in making a plan for the functionality that would be added to the existing software — and how that could best be accomplished. I created wireframes to show how the UI needed to function and also provided a written requirements doc. Then I provided testing and feedback to designers and programmers involved, to see the project to completion.

I wrote no production code, nor front end markup for UI.

Development Areas

  • Website
  • Dynamic CSV generation (for upload to Key Bank's treasury management website for Positive Pay)
  • Quickbooks data importing

UI Wireframes

For illustration purposes, I did the following mockups (exported from as .png file) of the required UI elements, to suplement the written requirements spec.

Business Systems Analyst Work Sample Documents

Here is a link to a PDF print of the full written spec for this change to the MyAfton back office system, along with the correlated Web UI mockup and subsequent conversatoin with lead programmer.